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Here are some of my latest thoughts on frama-c… such as thread-first and loop (•̀ᴗ•́)و

An Interactive Way To C

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Do you know what the above program accomplishes? If you do, did you also spot a special edge case?

We aim to present an approach to program proving in C using a minimal Emacs setup so that one may produce literate C programs and be able to prove them correct –or execute them– using a single button press; moreover the output is again in Emacs.

The goal is to learn program proving using the Frama-C tool –without necessarily invoking its gui– by loading the source of this file into Emacs then editing, executing, & proving as you read along. One provides for the formal specification of properties of C programs –e.g., using ACSL– which can then be verified for the implementations using tools that interpret such annotation –e.g., Frama-C invoked from within our Emacs setup.

Read on, and perhaps you'll figure out how to solve the missing FixMe pieces 😉

The intent is for rapid editing and checking. Indeed, the Frama-c gui does not permit editing in the gui, so one must switch between their text editor and the gui. Org mode beginning at the basics is a brief tutorial that covers a lot of Org and, from the get-go, covers “the absolute minimum you need to know about Emacs!”

If anything, this effort can be construed as a gateway into interactive theorem proving such as with Isabelle, Coq, or Agda.

The article aims to be self-contained —not even assuming familiarity with any C!

The presentation and examples are largely inspired by

Another excellent and succinct tutorial is Virgile Prevosto's ACSL Mini-Tutorial. In contrast, the tutorial ACSL By Example aims to provide a variety of algorithms rendered in ACSL.

There are no solutions since it's too easy to give up and look at the solutions that're nearby. Moreover, I intend to use some of the exercises for a class I'm teaching ;-)

Thanks for reading everything! 😁 Bye! 👋

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